Coin Laundry
2828 Maybank Hwy
John's Island, SC

Real Estate and Business $850,000.00
The laundromat is approximately 2,193 square feet. This laundromat includes an estimated 35 parking spaces and two bathrooms.
24 Dexter Commercial Washers
21 Dexter Stack Dryers
2 Time-Saver Bock Cut Dryers
2 Dexter Commercial Mega Loads

Building C01 Parcel ID: 3120000088 Acreage: 0.48Class Code: 500 - General Commercial Plat Book Page: S-39Deed Book Page: N603-248 Jurisdiction: CITY OF CHARLESTON


Incredible location in Johns Island, SC. The laundromat is a free-standing building and is situated beside one of the most heavily-trafficked roads in Johns Island. This space is in close proximity to one of the busiest intersections in the area. Space is surrounded with neighborhoods.
Mike Santos